Retire in Phuket

Retirement in Phuket

Many expats decide to retire in Phuket and do not know much about its history or the lifestyle which it offers. Phuket has much to offer any retired expat by way of a new lifestyle. Phuket is the largest city in Thailand. This is also called as Pearl of Andaman or sometimes pearl of South. The whole year round, Phuket is known for its beaches because of its white sand and the tropical forests.

With its amazing white sand, palm trees and bays, crystal blue water, fantastic scenery under water, the luxuriant vegetation and tropical ambiance, it is not surprising to know that Phuket is such a favorite place to visit. This place also became very well known because of the Phuket villas and its other superb accommodations such as Phuket apartment that are very spacious, Phuket condo that are luxurious but affordable and Phuket houses that are built with traditional designs and architecture.

Phuket’s cultural lifestyle and history are not easy to trace because they are not written in many languages. It was only distinguished that the Sea gypsies originated here, these people lived in the sea of Phuket traveling from cove to cove and staying there until their resources were used up. They then moved to another cove to reinstate the former ecological balance earlier than returning to the cycle. Sea Gypsies in Phuket were composed of three groups: the Mokens, Orung Laut and the Moklens. Some of them settled in coastal areas and some sea gypsies also settled in Phuket villas, these villas are located in Rawai, Phuket Town and at Sapam Coast that is accessible by bridge from the town of Phuket.


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